Communication & leadership skills in English

┬┐Business coaching?

Enhance essential business and communication skills while improving your English.

Collaborative process, focused and results oriented solutions. A process in which the coach facilitates improved work performance and efficiency, self and professional development of individuals and businesses.

20 years experience

More than 20 years working with professionals, multinationals and government institutions.

With a background in team management working in different countries I have developed my own methodology for business coaching in English, based on maximizing participants performance and improving business effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams in multicultural environments.

What they say

"Great results, easy-going, Expert."

"It has always been a pleasure working with Todd. He always showed to be very involved. Most notable, a high rate of overall customer satisfaction, and in particular his professionalism."

How does it work?

Using this Strategic Planning Process (SPP) we develop a roadmap to further your professional career and/or business success.

Initial interview to discuss your vision. Where your business or career is now, where you would like it to be and how it aligns with your personal goals.
Business or Career assessment to identify areas that need further evaluation and improvement. This includes a SWOT analysis and language evaluation.
Plan of action with SMART and accountable goals and objectives, personal and business or professional.
Implementation with regular reviews and necessary modifications to benchmarks and goals.

Programmes & Services

All programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and / or company. Improve the essential business skills of teams with the workshops. More continual learning sessions for individuals or small groups. Completely confidential executive programmes, personalized and flexible for business leaders to achieve their short and long term goals. All programs can be delivered in the premises of the client or outside.

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